Unlock the Magic of Storytelling

Tell Me a Story! is an app that helps parents
make up stories for their kids in seconds.

Bond over (almost) effortless storytelling

Storytelling is a truly amazing bonding experience for parents and kids, but it's just so much more effort than simply putting on a podcast or turning on the TV.

TMAS helps even the most unimaginative parents to get over their creative humps and make up the plot of a story in seconds.

It works by drawing from a huge library of story elements and combining them into unique story sparks. You can pick from pre-made characters or quickly create your own.

Creativity at 0%? Let AI fill in the blanks!

Even with the main plot figured out, there's times when our batteries as parents will just be drained. If you ever need support connecting the dots and filling in the blanks, we've got you!

Use the Generative AI embedded within TMAS to produce fully fleshed out stories, like short books you can read that are novel every time.

Here's all the great features you get for free!


lovingly pre-made story packs from our team of parents


AI story generations per month


custom story pack*

*Limited time offer during the beta. Will be available as in-app purchase after public launch.

Infinite stories for you and your loved ones!

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Tell Me A Story! is built for you by parents like you. The person in the photo is me, David, with our eldest son. He's an absolute story geek and can never get enough. If it was up to my son, I'd be telling him at least 137 stories per day. But my creativity has a limit.

When my son initially started to ask for stories, I was excited to make up beautiful worlds and the characters in them. But after many, many stories, I burned out creatively and was now dreading story time. So I reached out to Alex, who's building TMAS with me, to find a solution.

Currently, the TMAS app is at a stage where I'm personally using it daily, but we'd like to get more eyes on it, to understand if this is useful for other parents. This is where you come in. Leave your email address below to get invited to our beta (iOS & Android), and take TMAS for a spin!